Felt ball trivet (pot trivet) 20cm diameters




A couple who is looking to add some unique treasure in their dining table.
Beautiful and functional, this colourful & plain natural felt teapot trivet is made to withstand heat without damaging your tabletop.

Add a personality to your dining table and at the same time protect your tabletop from heat with this pot trivet. Each felt ball is app. 2cm and hand-stitched together.handmade in Nepal.

SIZE: Round 20cm diameter

FIBRE: Hand felted WOOL (from Australia & NZ)
CARE: Spot clean when needed – the wool will repel water so dab with a damp sponge straight after any spillage. Do not rub

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Primary color

15cm assorted (3pcs), 20cm assorted (3pcs), 23cm assorted 3pcs, Charcoal ( 15cm), Charcoal (20cm), Charcoal (23cm), Grey (15 cm), Grey (20cm), Grey (23cm), Multi (15 cm), Multi (20cm), Multi (23cm)


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